Placenta Medicine

The placenta ~ The organ that connects you with your child, nourishes and protects your child.

As with your pregnancy and birth, this is yet another area that you have many options. “What would you like to do with your placenta?” is a question you may hear me ask at one of your prenatal visits.

Your response could be as simple as, “Uh, throw it out?” or you may want to bury it under a newly planted tree to celebrate your baby’s birth (just plan on preserving it for the first year so that it won’t be too potent and kill the cute little tree). In rare cases of post-partum hemorrhage, I’ve seen a small piece of placenta in the lower lip stop bleeding very quickly and save a trip to the hospital. Others have made smoothies, lasagna, etc.

For those who want the benefits of placenta consumption without the casserole or smoothie option, placenta medicine is a great choice.

Why is placenta considered herbal medicine? ~  The placenta can be a valuable part of the post-partum healing process for both mom and baby. For thousands of years, the Chinese have used placenta as herbal medicine.

Placenta Capsules

Placenta Capsules

In the herbal Materia Medica (used by Chinese herbalists), it is used as a regenerative to the body’s qi, blood, yin and yang. Because placenta is a medicine in the Materia Medica, it has been analyzed for it’s chemical components. What the analyses shows is that placenta contains birth and pregnancy hormones (oxytocin, prolactin, gonadotrophin, thyroid stimulating hormone) and various proteins. It is these components that may aid in this transition of motherhood, such as augmenting lactation, shortening bleeding time, and preventing mood fluctuations in the post-partum days.

How is your placenta prepared? – Your placenta is rinsed thoroughly, steamed with tonifying herbs (if you choose), and dehydrated. Then it is ground finely and encapsulated. The whole process takes 12-16 hours.

If you would like your placenta prepared:

I am currently taking a hiatus from this lovely practice. There are numerous great providers in the Denver area that are happy to serve you.

Here are just a few that my clients have loved:

*I highly suggest Tricia Good (Chinese herbalist who trained me) in Wash Park
*Carrie Hankins

Blessings on your birth, body, and baby!

Many thanks to Tricia Good, LAc for the valuable training and information.

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  1. Just wanted to thank you, Angela, for the great work you did with my placenta. I had postpartum depression with my second and really wanted to avoid that the third time around. Placenta medicine seems to have done the trick. And there were so many capsules! After the initial postpartum, any time I’ve had a rough day or two I just take some of the pills and things seems to even out again. Thank you for helping me decide to try placenta medicine. It works!

  2. Megan Watkins

    I believe the placenta medicine that Angela prepared for me really helped my postpartum recovery. I went through some pretty rough “baby blues” with my first which I preferred not to repeat. With taking the placenta pills, I only had one night of feeling really weepy and sad and that was the night before my in-laws left and I was facing my first time of doing all on my own the next day. My temper and emotions have definitely been more even keel this time around and I have appreciated the help with that!

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